Has anyone experienced female ejaculation? Was it common for you or only with a special someone?

Two Female Sexual Response Fluids

The two types of female sexual response fluids (cum) are clinically termed as female prostate and vaginal ejaculation fluids. The one most commonly seen in our culture is vaginal ejaculate, which lubricates the vaginal walls and oozes out during sexual arousal. Called, leukorrhea, it contains vaginal secretions from walls of the vagina. It's the vagina's natural way of cleaning itself. It is slightly acidic to keep infections away.

This ejaculate comes from the Skenes glands (the glands that make up the g-spot) and bladder and is similar to prostate fluid in men. This is because the female g-spot is essentially the equivalent to the prostate in males.

Female prostate / bladder ejaculate is what we are referring to when describing female ejaculate fluid and is less commonly seen in large amounts. This is not because women are not capable; rather it is due to lack of understanding of women's sexual health issues in this culture.

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im 42 and my husband found my gspot and after that it was ejaculate every time. most of time enough to soak the bed it is so awesome. Getting a divorce now and hope i can find someone who wants that too. I can do it myself also.
After all these years of having sex I found only one man that could make me do that. It was totally awesome and the biggest relief of my life! I found it easiest on all 4s or laying and from behind, fingers only and it's kind of an upward and foward tickle.

I agree with the article....if more people knew how to do it it would be common! lol
Oh ladies.... let me tell you! There have been only two lovers in my 39 years that were able to take me there. It does not happen often...but when it does it's an explosion of ecstasy! That is the most intense sexual feeling that a woman achieve. Total satisfaction!
well i can tell you i was a skeptic to this theory ... then many yrs ago, with a 2 gf's a night full of playing.. my gf came everywhere.. i was takin back, i had never ever heard or seen anything like that.. well my friend said that she had experienced that extreme pleasure also.. i thought maybe it was just some woman were lucky enough.. and i wasnt.. which was a huge let down, im extremely sexual.. there isnt anything i Havent done....
finally a few yrs ago in a sexipade... i had my 1st one!! and now i can damn near everytime if the person know what there doing..im blushing.. but i will tell my partner that i can do this amazing orgasim and ya know, they try harder and put forth more effort to make sure i do.. so its a lil extra bonus info for both of us..ok.. i may have said to much..lol.. oh well..when the going gets great get on it and ride baby!!
I'm not a prude by any means, but I seem to have a hard time talking about sex. I get a little tongue tied and embarrassed when the discussion turns to what my friends (or me) like in bed, or how we react to different things we do or things that are done to us, and female ejaculation is among them. I wish I could contribute more to your discussion, but........
I have to be honest, with all the sexual experiences I have had, this is one I have never experienced. Its kind of frightening to me, how do you know you are not just pissing? I orgasm more than once when I cum, sometimes I orgasm 4-6 times but I have never experienced this, and I have had a lot of play on the G spot. I don't think this is something I can do. But I am okay with that, I would just like to know how to do it to please my gf or whoever I am with.
Tina your sweet! ... truly your reply was lovely and endearing.
Sharing your feelings in an honest way shows your intelligence!
It's not easy to talk about sex in an open forum.
can you learn how to do this? i dnt even think i know where my gspot is lols
if anyone has any good info on the whole g spot thing let me know!!!! lols
Wow This is a great post as some women have no Idea why the Bed The Bed is so wet after Great sex!....lol Thank You For Posting this!!
I have never experienced this but the bed is wet way before orgasm for me.

Gee I would love know how do this also. After years of great sex this something i never experience.Blushing and i don't blush easy, but i want do this for myself and experience it with my new wife. Once learn how give that to her as well. Thanks for post.Hope we can do it.



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