Ok... has anyone ever had this dilemma?
You were madly in love with someone for two years.  You broke up with them
because, they were a player. A serial cheater, narcissistic, bipolar, manic…
well you get my drift.

A little over one year later you still haven't quite gotten over it... you know it's stupid... the person isn't worth a second thought.  But, you were almost there... about to start dating again,
feeling much better about moving on without all the drama.

There has been no contact for over one year... and one beautiful day you receive an email.

The cloud of darkness filled the room and that familiar sick feeling hit your stomach.

The email is from your X-lovers new X-GF.  You have no clue how they found you but, they did.  They introduce themselves and are now asking you for advice about this pathological
cheating dog. 

Another thing … this broken hearted lover… well… they are not very attractive. Their picture is connected to their email, you know MSN private message.  I know it sounds shallow but,
come on girls.  You know it matters!

 But, why after all of this time would this bother you?  Hell you dumped them! But, it was because they cheated on you.

What would you do?

How would you respond?

How would you feel?  

Why the hell would this nobody bother you?

Why the hell can’t people just leave you alone?

Sometimes I really hate the internet and smart phones!

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I've never been in this type of situation, but occasionally I see my "X", and I can relate to that sick, dark, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Especially when she gives me that sweet, sarcastic, smile that I have always loved/hated. God, I hate that feeling! It seems to last for days. I wish I could say something to help you out or give you advice, but I can't......good luck!
Well, its her X gf so that says a lot,,and she's probably trying to figure out what she did wrong, or how to make things work. I think she is just reaching out because she is in pain. This woman whom you both have dated hurts people, and can leave one to wonder a lot of things. I have been involved with people like this and they make you feel that you did something wrong when its the total opposite. I have a really good friend now who was involved with someone that I got involved with also and we reached out to each other to help the healing along. I just love her to death because she helped me to understand all the messed up things about the person we both were involved with. So I think she is just reaching out to find some healing. It must be still painful for you or you wouldn't be still bothered by it. This X might be heaven sent,,,for both of you. Just a thought,,,




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