Is a woman still a virgin if she has had sex with women only?

If a woman has never had sex with a man is she still a virgin? I would like to know your opinion about this. I have thought about it and can't come to a conclusion. Please give me your opinions.


Thank you


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I think that once you have been penetrated by anything you arent a true virgin anymore.
no a woman is no longer a virgin even if her sexual incounter is with another female..its still SEX!even if its better!lol
I like to think of it more in terms of being a virgin before each new experience or act..
I find is much sexier, it thinking of it in these terms...
my first butt penetration
my first 3 way
In each situation, I thought of myself as being a virgin, & entering a new, erotic experience.
I think I should be hanging around Helen lol
Well I would say you are a straight virgin but not a lesbian virgin.

Sex is know is not virgin.
If virginity is defined as penetration we are no longer a virgin the first time anyone including ourself penetrates the vagina.
I think you are a virgin until you say your not.
Just some observations from an older woman who thought men were the end all and believed in the night in shining armor, lol, I think women can make virginity so symbolic and so nostalgic that we forget that there are so many emotions connected to virginity. What are we really giving up? Are we giving up our childhood and moving into womanhood or does that happen when we fall in love with someone? Or do we become a woman just because we are penetrated? I think that first inital feeling, that first flutter in your stomach, that first kiss, is all a part of losing virginity. Whether it is a man or woman, its the end of girlhood and the beginning of womanhood. Its just traditional and archaic to believe that men control our virginity.
I have been penetrated in every way but nothing ever went through me as much as my first love with a woman. Pierced me to the core and I will never get over it, in a good way.
I guess I am not just focusing on the sexual part, but the whole process and what it changes in a woman's life.
Hey Mary--very deep! I liked it!
Hello--I taught anatomy and physiology for 10 years and I can comment on a more medicinal level...the only way that you remain a virgin is if your hyman (cherry) is still intact. A man doesn't neccessarily have the only means to an end. If you use a dildo or vibrator and pop the hyman, you'll know. Bleeding will occur and wal-lah...not a virgin!


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