lesbian..bisexual..transvestite..shemale..transgendered..so forth..

hiya ladies..

how are you all doing?

i have a question that needs some clarification within my mind..


here goes..


i have commented on a discussion pertaining to bisexuality being a trend and i have commented on a discussion pertaining to the shemale and how supposed judgemental lesbians are..

i'm confused here and i need some clarification if you can help..


i am a lesbian..

always have been..

never done men..

won't ever..

always just women..

that's just the way i role.

a black and white kinda chic with no room for inbetween..


an apple is an apple..a tree is a tree..the water is water and so forth..

now you can describe the above analogies, give it color, derivatives maybe..but you cannot change the true essence of what they truly are..deep down inside to the core of it all, the apple, the tree, the water is truly just that.


i was raised roman catholic..strict roman catholic with certain morals and values instilled within me when i was younger..

needless to say, i didn't follow them..

only one..

That i believe in God..a supreme being more powerful than myself and one day i have to explain my existance to him, what i did with my life when i die..

i believe that he wants me to learn about love, for isn't God all about love?


he didn't say just whom i had to love.


now if you're in a heterosexual relationship and you would rather be with sally than joe, why would you stay if you are not happy?

you only have 1 life to live, so why live in misery?


i don't understand how people can be bisexual..

i don't understand how people can be transvestites..


i certainly don't understand how people can opt to change the body that God gave them..

to scientific..

to man made for me to comprehend.


how can one call themselves bisexual?

deep down inside it is not just choices you are making with no true decision?

is it a fear of commitment?

i do not mean to offend anyone..

you live your life the way you choose.

just asking questions here.


now the changing of your anatomy..

either becoming a man, or half of a man and half of a woman and truly being content..

is it truly running away, trying to create a happiness you want..

but what do you want?

do your emotions come into play?

why would you change your body like changing parts on a car?



homesexuality exists from what i understand in the animal kingdom..

always has..


scientists have stated that we are all born with 10% homosexuality within us, and from what i'm told, 1 in every five women or men is gay, whether closeted or out.

why then with humans it is taboo to be considered gay?


some say being gay is a choice..

it is a choice i have made with my life..

now the God factor..

some say religion will save you,

return you to a heterosexual way of living.

i think of matthew shepperd here and brandon tina..

i'm sure they wanted their lives to end the way that they had..




i need clarification here..

complexity at it's finest..

give it a whirl..

help me to understand and try to change my point of view..


thanx for reading..

have an awesome night/day..whenever you take a looksee at this..



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You say, "A tree is a tree. An apple is an apple." etc. But there are different kinds of trees and different kinds of apples, etc. If you paint with a broad enough brush there is no distinction to be made .... then people are people . . . regardless of the different kinds of people. There certainly are differences (viva la differance!) but whether or not you like the differences is solely within each person's mind, for that is where the judgment is made .. . not in nature. It is a tragedy that some people's judgment persecute those of another kind. Some people love pine tress, some Hickory. Some people love Golden Delicious apples, some like Rome Beauty. Some people love females, some love males, and some can even love both! To be happy and satisfied you must live the life that best suits you, and be strong to withstand the condemnation of those who are not liking the same as you.
you know..
this is getting a lil outta hand here.
more bluntly put then..

Can tranny's/shemales Menstrate? NO..
Do they have a uterus?..NO..
Can they give birth?..NO..

Call yourselves anything you wanna..
just don't call yourselves REAL WOMEN cuz it'll never happen..
regardless of scientific research or how much money you spend adding and taking away parts of your body..

It is a tragedy that some people's judgment persecute those of another kind. Some people love pine tress, some Hickory. Some people love Golden Delicious apples, some like Rome Beauty. Some people love females, some love males, and some can even love both! To be happy and satisfied you must live the life that best suits you, and be strong to withstand the condemnation of those who are not liking the same as you.


Well, I wont try explain the apple tree water thing at all. I think Hank & Liz Henry just did that quite well.
About people thou you invoke rightly God into your mix on this Discussion.An there by blowing up your apple
tree water statement. Was it not Eve who blew it for us all with an apple. Just joking...want lighten this all up bit.


All I want say on God is u r right he is Supreme Being. An u state your up bringing an teaching from catholic point of view. Which presupposes perfection.

On this let me say here I am spiritual not from religions point of view. Also, life has proven to me as person that there is no perfection in this world. If so, then why are we all here? All of us are imperfect or we would not be here at all. We would not need a God to teach us. We would all be God's. Then perfection would be a fact.

Since that is not the case then u can see perfection is imaginary illusion. A lot of what we think as we go threw life is illusion. But, fail to see truth. Look at science and you see all things held together threw gravities magnetisim molecules an atoms. In reality we should be able walk threw wall its made so loosely of atoms an molecules but try it we all know its hard an we can't, gravity prevent us doing it.

With, Perfection I have seen people chase it like a reality or a God.Chase it like dog does his tail. It ruined them from enjoyment of life.After while dominated their thinking.So, if Perfection is reality and God is perfect then how do we hold that be true then, an with people or animals how do we explain birth defects. Now, I am not talking about drugs self induced troubles we can all bring upon our self. I mean natural child defects found from natural causes. Notice please I am not rejection God as Supreme being either with creation either. Because he has set all into motion. I am pointing out when he gave free will he really gave it. It was no joke to him. Some blame God for all trouble without looking inward to see their actions. And if they did maybe world be better place for us all. Genetics is part of disorders i realize that. But, there are small ares we can see as you say 1 in five are preordained to be gay. This good example u stated.


O.K. here goes.

I am not trying change your mind but just state facts.

Hermaphrodite's are born with both male and female sexual parts. Some lean more male while others female.
This is natural fact. Now, though they have both male an females sexual organs they usually can satisfy both sexes. But usually one is a working sexual organ,by this i mean they function as one sex or the other.an can be both at same time, but cant get them self pregnant.

I have a Discussion on this here already .

I use this as example to explain how a working normal male or female like both sexes also. its in brain for for them, an not all choose it but some do. Same as u say u choose to be lesbian. It is same way for them. But the
Hermaphrodite's have no choice, they are born this way. Very lovely people an often terribly rejected.Now, u can see both these groups in reality I hope more clearly. It is the same way with a transgendered lady...She was yes male in how she looked but female inside her head. They have i a test blood test that can given at birth to determine all this...but my finding is its never given only because they created the transgendered problem in first place. What I can hear you? Yes, its like this doctors are not allowing Hermaphrodite's to be born any longer in advanced western countries. So...they try determine at birth which is the dominate sex. Then alter the baby.Sometimes with the parents approval an others without never telling it. So see there is a test that can be given even for normal babies. Sometimes mental processes are different than our bodies. Yes, it does happen but i am not sure exactly of all the odds on it.You say 1 in five for gays.

So if we were informed correctly we can switch to proper gender as our appearance to become the opposite sex at birth instead of waiting for that experience later on in our life. If we can be born both sexes in one body, it not a far cry to imagine we can be born one grnder and be inside another in our brains another.

I Ask you?
How would feel?
How would you react?
To feel like one sex yet look like the other ?
To feel like man on inside an appear female on the outside.
An no matter how hard you try accept this u can't do it.
Because it's not who you are!

I only know all this first hand from my friend a true Hermaphrodite.
She taught me... no showed me from life with her most what i saying here.
I mean from herself an how it felt. Yes, if u r curious i did love her.
It was not difficult for me understand, since i am lesbian, it was easy to put myself into her life.
to feel to understand I mean.

I am now still because of her involved in Gay lesbian transgendered rights, which now includes Hermaphrodite's, over here. Any one these issues all have judgmental people trying bring them down. So we all on here experience hate at times.

So please if a tree is tree is not tree because so many kinds an apples brought human kind then apple is apple is not apple. Water is water till u pollute it...then water is not longer water. And same with people ...we are people
trying love our level best as people with so many shades gray an notice i have never mentioned race or creed here just that God Is supreme over us all. Not the shades to religion. If all that were included then really shades of gray are a lot bigger.

I don't know if this helps or muddies the waters of understanding.
I can only hope that it does help heal and bring peace to those who need it.
And deeper understanding for all people.

Now please I thought you said." i have a question that needs some clarification within my mind."
I thought you really were open minded. And wanted to be shown.So, I followed what you were asking.
Then, i read response....

Can tranny's/shemales Menstrate? NO..
Do they have a uterus?..NO..
Can they give birth?..NO..

Call yourselves anything you wanna..
just don't call yourselves REAL WOMEN cuz it'll never happen..
regardless of scientific research or how much money you spend adding and taking away parts of your body..

Can tranny's/shemales Menstrate? NO..
Do they have a uterus?..NO..
Can they give birth?..NO..

Call yourselves anything you wanna..
just don't call yourselves REAL WOMEN cuz it'll never happen..
regardless of scientific research or how much money you spend adding and taking away parts of your body..

Well, you now asking an no longer apples, trees, and water.I never laid out details you asking.
Surgeries sweetie are becoming thing of past wit transsexuals [ not tranny's, she-males, lay boys or
any other such porno slang] they are transsexuals. Breast enlargements are done successfully through
use of medication. Stem cells research being done to now to transform sexual organs. The hope is once
successful it will replace operations in time.But your Right they can not mensturate at this time.

Let me explain, one thing you seem not to grasp O.K. They are female mentally an the need in them is to live
as females and have acceptance in society. Yes, surgeries do help at this time. Breast surgeries before were the norm. As i just said, now that has slowly been replaced with temporary medication. Temporary means not needed after breasts start functioning. And, yes they are same as yours. Function means can lactate.

The hope is to correct problems originating from birth. Hope is with stem cells creating genetic correct females parts for each person then will be fully functioning female. At this time you are saying they not female.

I dispute that.

Reason, is they think as female an are acting an passing already as female.

So, how do you feel about us having hysterectomy's?
Aren't we no longer functioning females then, from your definition?
Are we less female?

There was no need before for you use swear words. Please confine response to clean facts.
I feel, you do have deep held judgments. Mind not open to reasonable request to put yourself in shoes or life
of another person. That's when you resort to harsh words.

These people really can not live as men, once they start to live an change to female..
A mans world different, much less reasonable, more critical, than female one is, not safe I mean.
So, many have been attacked and killed.All of us have right to live how we feel an be who we are.

I wish only explain. Not, switch your thinking.Somethings you hold you need seek guidance for them.
That, I cannot give to you.

u know..
i know a hermaphrodite and he has already tried to kill himself a couple of times..
it's sad, but he was born this way.
Even in marriage he was unsuccessful..
I won't even begin to dispute your knowledge of catholicism..
not even going there..
In my previous posts I tried to be polite, seems though, politeness to some gets you nowhere.
The rest of your post,
won't even attemp to dispute.
Not here to put my dukes up..
This all began when the shemale said us lesbians were to judgemental.
I got very offended.
He reminded me of some men I knew on the beach..
Negativity exuded from within..
I'm tired of this.
I'll not bother to answer another post.
Like I originally said an apple is an apple like a tree is a tree..
When you start infusing other outside elements, like feelings and emotions..
(gosh, if i were to run everytime something bothered me..shakin my head..)
you get a wide array,
but still.
they all stem from the original..
an apple, a tree, a man, a woman..
Now I've said enough,
I'm done here.

Just to set record straight....hehehehe
straight well there a pun for you being lesbian.
I am not catholic I am spiritual.
Think you were one said you were.

Sorry you seem think I am trying to fight with you.
Nothing could be further from truth.
Just trying to defend transsexual ladies.
Not she-males.
There is a difference
I just can't let thinking not supported by facts to be allowed to stand
or naskerade as facts.
You need to do a lot of home-work then

Actually, tell you the truth, I am sorry I ever tried to believe,
you really wanted to answers. Just because I don't agree with you,
and tried enlighten you does not mean I want to fight you.
It's a knowledgeable difference of point of view.

There is just drastic difference here between us,
and you just refuse or won't try be open minded.

Could be also, I an from a Euro point of view, where we are more tolerant of others.


Hi Angie_lv
Oh you are so right Angie. Here we are maybe more open minded.
I don't your country there, thought was same there.

I know some very nice trans ladies here and there stories.You are so correct about it start at birth.
They grew up trying so hard fit in to be male. How, when inside they are female.
So many get hurt beaten killed.just trying be...accepted.
We don't have clue how difficult must be for them.They just want to live life as normal woman.

She said,"i need clarification here..complexity at it's finest.."

Then you see someone ask for clarification.So, I try.
Only to see ..oh no not really wants clarification wants argue every point.
Where's clarification in that?
Now, even argue every point be O.K. if there were facts to them, not just opinion.

I just thought intelligent exchange of ideas.
But, how none given.

Thought maybe my grasp of language not correct.
Some words wanting use can't spell right,
My points would have sound more correct with them.
I was always careful not to offend only to inform, and refute like in good debate.

l never address her answer to her hermaphrodite friend.

But, now I will:

I know try kill them self, same with transsexuals. Did not want rub your nose in it.
You just don't want see, don't want understand. Hermaphrodite and transsexuals are both born way they are.
No wonder they do, you represent reason why they try do that.I mean you as figurative you, not you personally. The way you answer with no facts supporting your ideas,
Try open yourself to understand them, listen try know some as people, good place start.Google,maybe then different with answers here.

I am very sorry for your Hermaphrodite friend living there.W. Virgina right? Well won't say more.


Transvestites? Whoa girl there is a HUGE difference between a transvestite and a transsexual. Myself, I am a transsexual female. I was born and raised a male, and from a young age (6?) I begged my parents to make me a girl. It is the only thought that has invaded my mind every second of every day of my life. That thought has held me back in so many ways. Transsexuals are born with a brain body mismatch. I was born with a female brain in a male body. Every male trait on my body disgusts me, all I've ever wanted is to be socially accepted as a woman, and some day I want the ability to become pregnant. I've had pregnancy dreams since childhood as well. And every woman I've dated has said that I'm more of a female then they are (my mannerisms and the way I act and feel inside). And yes I'm a lesbian, men are disgusting pigs! Transvestite, tranny, shemale, it, he-she, those are some of the worst things you can call one of us. Trans-girl and girl are acceptable. When I began my transition my concentration improved, social skills improved, my depression and anger vanished, work performance improved and even my typing speed has improved since I am able to focus for the first time in my life. I also became a better parent and a much better person just to be around.
Congratulations!  It isn't easy making that journey!  I hope your life is filled with joy and happiness from now on; it is never easy to gain acceptance socially no matter what makes you different!  But I am happy for you and behind your choices 100%!

Marissa Jayne Wolfe
Hi Thank you so much for responding here. I hope sleepless reads what you have say,
I have tried so hard explain to her. Used every way I can think off and still she has closed mind.
Thank you again O.K.

Samantha Your welcome.



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