lesbian..bisexual..transvestite..shemale..transgendered..so forth..

hiya ladies..

how are you all doing?

i have a question that needs some clarification within my mind..


here goes..


i have commented on a discussion pertaining to bisexuality being a trend and i have commented on a discussion pertaining to the shemale and how supposed judgemental lesbians are..

i'm confused here and i need some clarification if you can help..


i am a lesbian..

always have been..

never done men..

won't ever..

always just women..

that's just the way i role.

a black and white kinda chic with no room for inbetween..


an apple is an apple..a tree is a tree..the water is water and so forth..

now you can describe the above analogies, give it color, derivatives maybe..but you cannot change the true essence of what they truly are..deep down inside to the core of it all, the apple, the tree, the water is truly just that.


i was raised roman catholic..strict roman catholic with certain morals and values instilled within me when i was younger..

needless to say, i didn't follow them..

only one..

That i believe in God..a supreme being more powerful than myself and one day i have to explain my existance to him, what i did with my life when i die..

i believe that he wants me to learn about love, for isn't God all about love?


he didn't say just whom i had to love.


now if you're in a heterosexual relationship and you would rather be with sally than joe, why would you stay if you are not happy?

you only have 1 life to live, so why live in misery?


i don't understand how people can be bisexual..

i don't understand how people can be transvestites..


i certainly don't understand how people can opt to change the body that God gave them..

to scientific..

to man made for me to comprehend.


how can one call themselves bisexual?

deep down inside it is not just choices you are making with no true decision?

is it a fear of commitment?

i do not mean to offend anyone..

you live your life the way you choose.

just asking questions here.


now the changing of your anatomy..

either becoming a man, or half of a man and half of a woman and truly being content..

is it truly running away, trying to create a happiness you want..

but what do you want?

do your emotions come into play?

why would you change your body like changing parts on a car?



homesexuality exists from what i understand in the animal kingdom..

always has..


scientists have stated that we are all born with 10% homosexuality within us, and from what i'm told, 1 in every five women or men is gay, whether closeted or out.

why then with humans it is taboo to be considered gay?


some say being gay is a choice..

it is a choice i have made with my life..

now the God factor..

some say religion will save you,

return you to a heterosexual way of living.

i think of matthew shepperd here and brandon tina..

i'm sure they wanted their lives to end the way that they had..




i need clarification here..

complexity at it's finest..

give it a whirl..

help me to understand and try to change my point of view..


thanx for reading..

have an awesome night/day..whenever you take a looksee at this..



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A state of mass confusion and serious contradiction in terms.  Perhaps the short answer here is that like the apple is an apple; some people like only apples.  Some people like apples and oranges.

Even though apples and oranges aren't the same thing they are still fruit.  Bisexual.  If you like sex and most people do even though they don't always admit this, sexuality is part of the HUMAN condition.  Not yelling there, just emphasizing.  I've been bisexual all my life.  I'm now 56.  I am however as I have stated previously had better and more intimate sex with women.  But I also like sex with men on occasion.  I have 5 grown children so if that was a requirement I have fulfilled it.  And amazingly enough I am closest to my oldest son who is gay.

One of my closet friends is a transvestite as well as a shemale.  She is a showgirl by profession so being a transvestite is helpful.  In my opinion, being a transvestite is a way of dealing with the cards one is dealt at birth.  Not all transvestites are shemales or vice versa.  But here it is definitely all about the comfort level and defining who you are.  Your identity.  A case of Cody and Katy are actually one and the same.  Some of it is a mindset.

As far as the "sally and joe" scenario above, you would be truly amazed at what people do and trust me they aren't miserable.  If you would rather be with someone else and trust me your partner would to from time to time unless they aren't human, then you find what you are looking for elsewhere and what you usually can't get from your partner.  I have a legal marriage but an open relationship and its working for now.  If it stops working I will go and reinvent my life again even at 56.

Perhaps the best way to diffuse this down and examine it is simple, not all of us like the same music, but how many kinds of music are there?  Everyone has their own taste in music and what works for me probably wouldn't be your cup of tea.  But I won't say you are wrong and being a gay and lesbian activist with the scars and so forth to show for it; do what you know in your own heart what you are comfortable with and the rest of it will fall into place.  Be yourself and bath in the glow of knowledge that you are you and you are a beautiful human being.  Have a wonderful day!

This is a real education for me and I hope everyone reads this. Angela, Angie_lv, Hank and Liz Henry and sleeplesNseattle for starting the conversation thank you!

I guess this should be called alternate life styles and sexuality 101 right...
for me just seems common sense.
I am just amazed how long this gone on and has taken new life,
even thou Sleepless who have asked for information refuse to continue it.
I am kinda glad because the more talking and discussion the more understanding it brings.
That is whats needed. Needed in all forums world wide.
After all we are all people we all want same things.
Quiet life safe from harm good to raise kids in, work and enjoy our life in peace.
For me being lesbian is difficult enough even though here we are legal still a lot people don't except. To be trans far more difficult. I salute all going threw their struggle.

Hi everyone
Angie_lv have left Puddy Girl her wife heart condition has worsen,
and she moved to your State Florida. In hope of better medical there.
I certainly understand heart conditions, I have one myself as a lot here know.
I have since lost touch and no more information on her.

This is the most interesting discussion I have read in a long long time. Where is sleeplesNseattle did you finally go to sleep?

I identify myself as bisexual because I do not have a sexual preference....I like to have sex with men and women!!! My main thing is who you can love...sex is just sex, and I don't claim this goes for everyone, but for me in my lifetime, I believe in love....I have been in love and in long-term relationships with men and women. IDK if that helps you understand? But I also have a very dear friend, she is a lesbian, who would get so pissed off at me if I dated a man...she was a firm believer in you are either gay or straight, no in between...so I suppose its just up to the individual...she had no attraction to men either, so she didn't understand...

I read all of your replies and all I have to say is wow the church has the power to brain wash people. Sleeples how can you rationalize being a Lesbian is between you and God but no one except you has that special privilege. I know you ran away when you were forced to analyze your beliefs but I would really like to hear your explanation. You don't need to discuss your religious beliefs to explain your logic.

A tree is a tree even when it's a table an apple is still an apple even when it's a crumble I have always been female even when I had the wrong body there has never been any doubt...



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