Thank you everyone for all your answers about the g spot. I have another one. A long time ago I tried a vibrator but it was too intense for me. I have listened to all my girlfriends rant about them I would like to try it again. What suggestions can you give me?

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I wanted suggestions as to the best type to get.
Vibrators can be a little intense at first. They do have various speed levels. Sometimes, when I first begin "playing" I have to start with the lowest speed. Then, I work up to the highest speed which never lets me down, lol. And, there are different kinds of vibrating toys. It depends on which is a better choice for you. Right now, I prefer the bullet. But, sometimes your hands can get a little cramped, if ya know what I mean. Still, it always gets me there , lol. So yeah, see what works for you. Maybe the bullet, the rabbit, or a vibrator; all vibrating toys. If your g-spot is hard to get to, the vibrating effect of a toy may help. Most importantly, don't stop trying. It's so worth it, lol.
My first time trying a vibrator, was on my 19th birthday, i had always wanted to try it because I saw videos online that made them seem like they make you go crazy, but since then I've barley used it...and when I do it's ok...I guess it's because it's still kinda my first time.
maybe its the vibrator type your using, if its a hard platic one, yeah very uncomfortable.. but if your try one that feels more like a latex or rubber feel to it... much better... take it slow, build up to whats comfortable to you..
happy trails...:)
I have always wanted to try the finger vibrators but never think of them when I go shopping. Would live to know how they are.
vibrators can be very sensitive. I suggest getting one that is jelly like with a clitoral stimulant.
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They can be useful, and although I DO NOT like penises, I have used them in love play and learned to enjoy them. My former partner liked using EXTRA LARGE, but my small vagina just cannot tolerate them. I personally love woman flesh on woman flesh rather than self-masturbation. It is ever so much more fulfilling :-)
i agree



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