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If this is repealed what's to stop all night sex romps? This is shocking!

Started by Erica in Points Of View. Last reply by Angela Mar 27, 2013. 29 Replies

WASHINGTON—As Congress prepares to allow gay individuals to serve openly in the military, those against the proposed change voiced their concerns Monday, warning the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" could soon lead to strong, strapping American…Continue forth..

Started by sleeplesNseattle in Points Of View. Last reply by Angela Sep 10, 2011. 48 Replies

hiya are you all doing?i have a question that needs some clarification within my goes.. i have commented on a discussion pertaining to bisexuality being a trend and i have commented on a discussion pertaining to the…Continue

Is a woman still a virgin if she has had sex with women only?

Started by Angie in Points Of View. Last reply by VinJan Novacek Jun 20, 2011. 16 Replies

If a woman has never had sex with a man is she still a virgin? I would like to know your opinion about this. I have thought about it and can't come to a conclusion. Please give me your opinions. Thank you Continue

Do you think single, straight, gay, bi should be able to adopted children?

Started by MsSmith in Points Of View. Last reply by Samantha Nov 11, 2010. 6 Replies

I think everyone should have a chance of adopting children. The adoption system is worst ever children are be abused, neglected and killed. Their passing laws saying only couples can adopt children I mean a man and a women. Gays, singles and others…Continue

So What's the Big Deal?

Started by Tina Perez in Points Of View. Last reply by Teri Nov 9, 2010. 7 Replies

Here's what happened. Saturday night I met up with a great friend that I have known since third grade. She is beautiful! Not cute, or good looking, but just plain old beautiful, and when you are out with her, be prepared to be ignored as all eyes…Continue

Shout Out To All PuddyGirls... Let's Hear From You

Started by Operator 7 in Points Of View. Last reply by Rae Oct 16, 2010. 8 Replies

PuddyGirls... What is the reason you joined this site?There are so many beautiful women on PuddyGirl and so few are chatting it up. Not like a typical women is it?OK now that I've gotten your attention...As of today PuddyGirl had this many hits:…Continue


Started by Crystal in Points Of View. Last reply by Angela Oct 16, 2010. 4 Replies

Few well-controlled scientific studies have ever been published suggesting the possibility of pheromones in humans.The best known case involves the synchronization of menstrual cycles among women based on unconscious odor cues (the McClintock…Continue

Haters of Bisexual and Gay women

Started by magdalena in Points Of View. Last reply by Angie_lv Aug 29, 2010. 13 Replies

Today I experienced a nerve wrecking experience on an online chat room. There were 3 others that were tackling me because i am a bisexual/gay woman. Their comments sent me to the bathroom crying, calling me names like Dyke, Bitch,…Continue

Tags: Hate, and, Generalizations, Stereotypes

The Lesbian Word

Started by Angie in Points Of View. Last reply by Rae Aug 20, 2010. 10 Replies

Last night I was at a business meeting and several people started talking about Lesbians. Listening to thier conversation I got the feeling that the word Lesbian was either used negativly or had sexual overtones. My question is outside of the…Continue


Started by Carol Williams in Points Of View. Last reply by Aspen Aug 16, 2010. 7 Replies

Ok, I'm curious of how many Virgins there are. I know we get hell bur it's better than the alternative... I am 26 and have one sexual interaction and she got all the sex. God I sound like Im bragging or wining I'm not sure witch, hee hee. Sorry I'm…Continue



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