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For the past two years I have seen the same red headed beautiful stranger at the same time every day. She eaves her apartment five thirty five in the morning, the same time I always leave for work. We never speak to each other when we see one another we just give polite smile. Than around six thirty we cross paths again except she has a male companion with her. She doesn’t even see me when she is with him and I’m to shy to even look in her direction. For the past year and half I have told myself that I’m going to talk this girl, or even just say hello. Which I have still haven’t done yet, in fact it is within the last two weeks that I have actually had the nerve to even look up and smile at her. I don’t know what it is about this woman that I don’t know. She just captivates me its like I wait for five thirty five on purpose just so I can see her smile and her light green eyes look into mine.
That short moment makes me feel like I have enough strength to hello next time I see her. Yet when I see again later that night with that guy, its like my heart is screaming at “She is straight walk away Danger is ahead!” I hear my heart loud and clear too so I act like I’m in a hurry to do something in my apartment. Only to walk into a empty apartment that doesn’t even have a cat to greet me at the end of my day. In fact the only thing I can truly look forward to is my big white couch that practically swallows me. At least its comfortable enough to make me forget for a moment that I’m alone.
My friends know about my straight girl crush and they think it is cute to a certain degree. They also think that being single for more three years is a disease. So they tell me I have no choice but to go to this Halloween party. I’m not exactly thrilled about this and I try to get out of it to my dismay they win. Once Halloween comes around at five thirty five exactly I see the beautiful red head. We exchange smiles and this time she says “Happy Halloween.”. Barely getting the words out I stutter “Happy Halloween to you”. As we walk our separate ways I cant help but grin ear to ear repeat the words over and over in my head. Than it hits me I wonder what she would think if I didn’t come home at sixty thirty, would she even notice. Or what if she saw me actually come home with some random woman would she think I was horrible for being a lesbian.
These thoughts over whelmed me so much that I could barely pull myself together enough to even get ready for this Halloween party. Yet my friends stuck to their word and literally picked me got me ready for the party and tied me up. Giving me no choice but to be there, which to my surprise it was mostly the usual suspects of our group. Mostly committed gay and lesbian couples that I have met and have been friends threw out the years. Which I admit made things feel little more comfortable. So I get relaxed bullshit a little with every one and forget that it’s a Halloween party. That’s until a woman that is dressed like a vampire mistress comes in. I don’t recognize her I don’t if its because of the make up and wig yet her eyes have a familiar look. She looks around and says hello to a few of the couples so I figure I must know her from somewhere. Than simply dismiss her because I at this point am more then ready to go home and lay on my couch.
Just as I get ready to get sneak out the vampire mistress comes up and sits next to me. Up close she was very pretty for a vampire mistress. Her green eyes made me automatically think of the my neighbor. While the her breast standing so high in her black and purple corset made it hard for me to focus. I always had a bad habit of noticing woman’s breast and to see a woman in this very revealing corset I had to use every ounce of will not to stare. So I focused my eyes on her long flowing black skirt that seemed to over power the couch. As I studied her skirt I tried to figure out how I was going to sneak out. She softly says hello and gives me a gentle warm smile.
For a moment I can feel my brain freeze and freak out like I never spoken to a woman before. So I quickly say, Hi I like your costume a lot. The words came out so fast I thought for sure I spoke another langue. That was until she laughed and said, “This not a costume I’m a real vampire.” I could feel my eyes grow wide and a little voice in my head yell at me. “Its Halloween people say anything just to get a rise out of you. So I naturally laughed and smiled and sat in silence I didn’t know what to say after hearing that. And again I tried to get enough nerve to walk out of this party. Than something happened the woman looked at me again and smiled only to begin randomly talking. I don’t know what happened I started talking back naturally. Before I knew it hours went by and we were still talking about everything and everything. I wanted to stay and talk more but I could see people leavening. I knew I should be leaving to because it was for sure late.
“Well it was nice talking to you but I better get going its late, and I got to work early tomorrow.” I said just before standing up.
“Okay but before you go I have to suck your blood I am a vampire after all.”
Before I can even laugh because I know she is joking, she leans in and sucks my neck with a little nibble. I can feel her porcelain vampire teeth bite into my neck gently, turning me on and giving me no choice but to close my eyes. Feeling more than turned on I open eyes to make sure I’m not dreaming or having a moment. Only to see that the woman was gone, and left no trace of her anywhere. I didn’t even get to know her name let alone get a phone number. Feeling disappointed I went looked at my watch to see it was only eleven thirty. “Its still Halloween no wonder she bit me and left me here feeling stupid it’s a trick and not a treat. That’s the last time I talk to a vampire real of fake.”
As I reach my apartment I see the vampire mistress at my beautiful neighbors door alone. She is standing there and doesn’t see me. Curious as to what she is doing I watch from a distance only to watch her pull off her wig and let down beautiful long flowing red hair. The vampire mistress was my neighbor the whole time. She had to known I was her neighbor because I wasn’t wearing face paint or anything like that. My costume was a simple blood on some old clothes cheap and simple. I couldn’t help but stare at her from where I was standing I was speechless. I guess she could feel me staring at her because she turned around and said. “Well I was wondering if you would figure it out.”
Figure what out I thought to myself, how was I supposed to know. Than with out thinking I blurted out, “I thought you were straight what were you doing at a gay party.”
“I said I was a vampire I never said I was straight, and my name is Isbell it was nice finally getting to talk to you after all these years.”
“My name is Christina but you can just call me Chris. It was nice talking to you too.”
“Well Chris I will see you in the morning at five thirty five as always.”
“Of course Isbell have a good night.”
Just before I got all the way in my door I feel a pull on shoulder it was Isbell standing behind me. Before I turned completely around she kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear. “I like the way your blood tastes.” Only to again nibble on my neck on the same spot she did not to long ago. Again weakening me making me close my eyes tight. Only to open my eyes watching her rushing to her apartment giggling, and me holding my neck. There was a small of pain that time as pull my hand away I feel something and to my surprise its blood. Did she really suck my blood, is the girl I have had a crush on really a vampire? That I cant tell you but what I can tell you after that Halloween night I still have the teeth marks on my neck, and Isbell is now my live in girlfriend, vampire or not .

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Comment by Susy Anton on October 18, 2009 at 12:35am
that is so cuuuuute!! =]
Comment by Wangu Moore on October 11, 2009 at 10:00am
WOW!!! that's all i can say. I have a crush on a straight woman too.....she drives me nuts but she confirmed she is straight.

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