More on how I'm wired (& whom I'd like to meet):

*My kids, (I have 3 - my oldest & youngest are both boys & my middle child is my daughter),are the most important thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. When you have a child of your own, there is an unspeakable, immeasurable bond that you have like no other & the unconditional love that you feel is so overwelming that it takes your very breath away.

MORE ON HOW I'M WIRED: (Yes, this is quite lengthy but if you truly want to know me, then just deal.) ;)

In my life, I have seen it all...I've had a rough life - that built something called "character". It has also made me wise beyond my years.

*First off, I'm very blunt & outspoken, so just deal.I am blunt to a point that makes most either love me or hate me :) There are no inbetweens. I am contradiction personified & will sway between extremes if my soul so desires. I generally speak what's on my mind, I'll call you on your bull-shit, but at the same time I'm probaby one of the sweetest women you'll EVER meet. I have a big heart and would give the shirt off my back if you needed it(although I'm sure it would be too small for you so I'll steal someone else's for ya!) I'm outgoing, and sarcastic as hell!

*I can tell you with much evidence and alibis to back up the fact that I AM the oddest person you will EVER meet.I am extremely sarcastic, much of the time(as I'm sure you can decipher yourself through reading my profile; which btw, ARE YOU REALLY READINNG THIS SHIT?!)I often get yelled at for it. Dont take it personally, it's just my personality. I'm really not an asshole, (most of the time anyways.) However, I am most likely to tell you how it is. I'm a great listener, but if you ask for my advice, BE PREPARED TO GET THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.I believe in honesty, if I piss you off over it, I'm sorry, but at least I respect you enough to tell you how I feel. My list of pet peeves is quite extensive, but most of the time I won't hold it against you. I will correct people's english. My english is not perfect, no, but really bad speech drives me insane.

*I could care less about your personal religious beliefs so long as you don't attack me or impose your views on me. I am a very open-minded person & can get along with just about everyone, no matter how different they are from me. All because someone doesn't hold the same opinions as the ones I possess, doesn't make them wrong.

*I change my mind, ALOT.

*I think for myself - I will NEVER conform.

*I love taking random pictures.

*I have an unparalleled amount of confidence.

*My nail poslish is always chipped.

*I hate being cold. With that said, I cannot stand the heat either.

*I'm vastly amused by simple shit & yes, I tend to easily amuse as well as laugh at myself, more often than not.

*I’m a complete jackass. I am quirky, clumsy, spontaneously combustible, & chemically imbalanced - yes, I am bi-polar. Enter into my realm at your own risk. :P I'm a work in progress.

*I'm fairly unpredictable, & generally off the wall!

*I literally live for music (always have). Yes, I have quite the mix of "eclectic taste" you could presume, so don't vilify them!

*I'm difficult to fathom & so easily misunderstood.

*Wary and sharp. I do not judges others but am very observant. Not typically aggressive unless provoked.

*I’m outgoing, laid back, warm, loving, funny, affectionate, witty, and intelligent. I'm fairly unpredictable, and generally off the wall

*I live life spherically, in many different directions at once. I can be extremely paradoxical. I am capable of objectively understanding all the different aspects of a problem or argument.I'm a study in contrasts - extroverted yet introspective, silly yet dark, open yet guarded.

*YOU may think you have an idea of who I am but its likely that you do not. I have been through more hell in my life than you can see but I am opposite of what people thought . . because I am still here. My mind is deep and my thoughts can be even deeper. I love to erase and start all over re-creating myself every so often. So just when you think you know me.... you really don't. Keep your mind open & you will find a way to fill it up.

*I’m more than most people can handle, but that’s what makes me so damn special.

*I tend to talk to myself at times & yes, btw, I do also answer as well. I know, I'm still waiting for the short bus to come take me away, must keep missin' the damn thing. lol

*I have a tendency to get bored (VERY) easily.

*I try to NOT plan anything, but just go with the ebbs & flows of life.

*I can become completely immersed in one person or mood - understand that distance simply means that either I'm needed elsewhere or 'hiding' from everyone BUT I am ALWAYS watching to make sure my loved ones are well.

*I value close friends/family above all else & do not judge but instead try to relate. At times of weakness, empathy can feel like a curse, & in times of strength it is a gift.

*With each & every day I become a new person & w/each encounter my self awareness grows a little more.

*Forgiveness of self & others is paramount.

*Although I may not see them as often as I would like, I enjoy spending as much time with my family and friends as possible, even though I think that most of them have lost their minds. Seriously, my family is crazy; so are my friends.hehe

*I find the world to be an amusing place, and, (gasp-shock-horror!), I really do like people. And while I find the vast majority of my fellow humans to be stupid and utterly devoid of any sense, I also believe in humanity’s innate goodness. :)

*I love kickass thunderstorms, they make me feel serene.

*I am perfectly content with many simple things.

*I would rather live my life to the fullest than constantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others.

*Even if I continue to screw up or fail numerously,(Hey, I'm only human!) I will keep trying. I do not often give up.

*You can accept me for who I am or get the fuck out of my way.

*I have come to the conclusion as of a few yrs. ago to rarely care about others' opinions of me. So I'm a freak? Go look into the mirror & turn that blind eye inward.

*My personality just does not translate to print.:P

*Am I freaking you out by all this yet??!

*My food, almost ALL food, looks like a blizzard occured upon it before consumption.
While on the subject of food, I love food. Many, many kinds of foods are some of the most wonderful experiences for my taste buds. I enjoying eating slowly to enjoy my food and also, coming up with some combinations that may seem a little abnormal-I have commonly been told that I eat like a pregnant woman, but you will often find me eating something...I have a tendency to be hypo-glycemic, this means that if I do not eat every so often then my blood sugar becomes too low and I will become very light headed.


*I'm also addicted to McDonald's sweet tea & Carmel Hazelnut lattes from Sheetz:

*I'm pretty self-reflective; I know how to look inside & see whether I'm doing something wrong.

*I think that most of us were raised w/preconceived notions of the choices we're 'supposed' to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else's idea of OUR happiness.

*Within the next 10yrs. I hope to be content. If I die tomorrow, will I have gotten everything in the world I've ever wanted? No. But I want to have gotten everything that's made me the happiest.

*I rarely drink alcohol but when I do, watch out or suffer the consequences of my inane ways of making myself out to be even more of an ass! (ie. Take New Yrs. Eve '05) hehe


* Oh yeah, and one more thing: NEVER, EVER ASSUME ANYTHING OR ANYONE IF YOU CLEARLY JUST DON'T EVEN KNOW. You never know what's out there & if people really are who they say they are.

*I love it how some people that don't know me anymore or personally have all these different views & opinions of me. People really love to judge a book by it's cover & it amuses me.I am highly annoyed by those who jump to judge others by their appearances, including the clothes they choose to wear. Often, yes, your clothing choices are somewhat a reflection of who you are. It is a way to express some of your own personal preferences, but just because someone chooses to dress a way different from your own choice, doesn't mean you two couldn't get along. I, myself, will wear whatever the hell I want. If I like something, and it's decently priced (that's right, I like a good bargain) then sure, I'm going to wear it. I'm not about making personal choices to please others. Personal choices should be made to suit your own interests and likes. We are all our own worst critics, so do what suits you to make yourself feel as if you've pleased your own tastes.

*Give me respect, I give you it? :)

*I think that about sums it all up. Most likely you already have the wrong impression of me.:P BUT,if you have actually read all this,I admire & commend you for your adept amount of openmindedness. Any questions, feel free to message me. Now come bring your ass over here & accompany me in getting fuckin' annihilated!!! ;)

*"Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances, & never have regrets b/c at one point, everything you did was exactly what you wanted." xox

I will be on the other side...the side that no one knows. Another dimension that your mind ponders to know but can't seem to find a beginning much less a conclusion....just a hypnotizing title that leads to an hourglass of curiousity. If your fascinated, then come find me......
*Inspire me....*Intrigue me.....*Indulge me....

"Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry, stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie."
-William Shakespeare

Who I'd like to meet:

*I'd love to speak to you if you haven't already annihilated the term "moral".
CREATIVE PEOPLE - People who have an intellect worth pursuing. People who are artistic/creative in any way. Musicians of all kinds, poets, writers, singers, philosophers, teachers or just someone that has a different point of view. People of different cultures are way interesting because they can always give you a new perception on how someone else lives & believes. Absolute precision; mind altering epiphanies... how one thought, one occurrence sends you into a mindthink & all of a sudden you now know how it all comes together & how with your one action can alter the whole scale... pummeling down into a domino affect. "Change your perception & You change your life." Sometimes I want the darkness so I can become undefined - if you can't see, then you are forced to dig deeper into your mind... Intelligence: Speak if you know what you're talking about...if not, then please do not bother. Follow your dreams - ALWAYS try to atain them. Have goals - Do WHATEVER YOU FEEL that you can be the best in. Don't be someone you're not - JUST BE YOURSELF! You need to realize that no matter what, you will get hated on throughout your life. All that will do is make you a much stronger & more independent, intellectual human being that has something more to offer than the one that just brought you down. It makes you contribute more for what you believe in & teaches you to work your ass off that much harder. You OWN YOURSELF & can be whatever your heart & soul desires. NO ONE can take that away. Every single person has their own beauty & talent - use it & failure will never occur. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around - this relates to all aspects of life. We are ALWAYS fighting a battle to improve ourselves at something, & right now, this moment, is another opportunity to turn it around. Don't waste so much time making decisions based on someone else's idea of YOUR happiness.
Also, anyone who adores my charming wit, can read, & has a high tolerance for sarcasm is welcome in my world. Arrogant/vindictive people & the like, with obligatory high angle shots need not apply...I'm scared that your insolent ways will infiltrate my mind & make me want to kill myself.
I tend to have an extreme intoxicating personality & am fascinated w/those who defy the odds.
People who are compassionate,caring,sincere,& genuine but don't take themselves too seriously. A sense of humor is a MUST, as well as a healthy dose of sarcasm/cynicism, intelligence, wit,so similar company is appreciated. But will also take me seriously when need be. I don't like ignorance & I absolutely despise liars. I'm beyond stubborn,very hard-headed,& set in my own ways. Also, if you're only looking to get laid, please don't even waste either of our time by talking to me.

- "I'm not being cocky, But if so, accept my apology. But accept the fact that I also process my thoughts logically as well....

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