Practice Makes Perfect
Written By: Kendall Rae (meee) :))

I very stealthily snuck out of the bed that my best friend, hot rock star Casey Carnell, was sleeping in and padded across my bedroom to the computer. I had been waiting for Casey to fall asleep for HOURS and she was finally passed out on my queen sized bed. I pulled up the internet browser and typed in what I was searching for in the box. I searched through the myriad of titles in the search results before picking one that looked legit and leaning forward to read it. I felt a blush cover my cheeks as I read the instructions thoroughly. I was so intent on reading that I didn’t hear the squeak of the mattress springs as Casey got off the bed and walked up behind me. I didn’t notice her presence as she read over my shoulder until she started to laugh, “Spencer, why are you looking up how to kiss?” She asked through her laughter as I buried my head in my hands. I was eighteen and had never been kissed. So what? I was waiting for the right person. She kept on laughing until she realized how embarrassed I was.
“Oh come on, Spence! It’s not a big deal! Why are you looking this up anyways?” She asked, still trying not to laugh as she brought her hand down to rest on my shoulder.
“My second date with Chris is tomorrow and he’s going to try to kiss me, I can tell and I don’t want to totally suck. It would be so embarrassing, Casey!” I hated lying to her; but she couldn’t know that I was hoping for the chance to kiss her. Casey was gay, but she had never tried anything on me and I figured that I would have to make the first move. Casey surveyed me for a second before something occurred to her and she grinned.
“I’ll teach you!”
“What!?” I squeaked, even as the implication of her words shot straight down.
“It’s better than reading about it! Come on! It’s just practice, right?” She asked, making me blush as she stood up; not taking no for an answer, “Come here.” I stood up shakily and let her lead me back over to the bed. She didn’t get back on the bed; instead she just put her hands gently on my waist and let me lean against it. I caught my breath as she leaned in; my mind not quite up to speed with what was happening. She got about an inch away from my lips and stopped, staring into my eyes deeply,
“Are you okay with this, Spence?”
“Yeah,” I breathed out, blinking as I realized that Casey Carnell, the girl I had been in love with since the first time I saw her, was about to kiss me,
“Relax.” She whispered, leaning in and kissing my cheek gently before moving over and kissing just the corner of my mouth, “If you feel uncomfortable just stop me at any time. We’re going to start with just a peck.” I nodded, feeling a surge of ease pass over me. She was so loving and careful with me that it made my heart surge. Then her lips were on mine and my mind shut down completely. They were gone just as quickly as my eyes fluttered open again, “Okay?” I just nodded. That was easy.
“Again?” She nodded and leaned in, kissing me again. Her lips stayed for a second longer than the last time, but just as I went to kiss her back, she pulled away.
“Okay, this time kiss me back.” She whispered her grip tightening as she leaned in once more. I had to withhold my grin as I felt her soft lips brushing mine. I did what felt right and just kissed her back. I felt her grin as out lips moved softly against each other’s. I brought my hands up to cup her face and was disappointed when she pulled away.
“You’re better than you think,” Casey breathed out, making me smile slightly, “I think that’s good for tonight. If he tries to go further, don’t be afraid to pull away.” I felt a wave of disappointment wash over me. I wanted her to kiss me again.
“Can we, uh, practice, a bit more? Just until I get the hang of it, you know.” I asked with as much innocence as I could muster. I saw the corners of her mouth turn up as she nodded,
“Yeah, we wouldn’t wanna leave you unsure, now would we?”
“Exactly.,,” I answered; very satisfied that she was buying it. I brought my hands up again to rest on her neck, my thumbs on her cheeks as she kissed me again. It was all soft and gentle and there was no rush. I kissed her back eagerly, her hands clenching at my waist as we continued to just kiss. My stomach was doing cartwheels and my pulse picked up to an alarming rate but I really didn’t care because Casey was kissing me. We spent the rest of the night just kissing, but played it off as ‘practice’.
The next night Chris did kiss me and it was nowhere near as amazing as Casey’s kiss; but I needed to keep him as a reason to kiss Casey, so I made it seem like it was great. I very nearly burst into laughter when he said I was a great kisser; tempted to tell him to thank Casey. I was glad that it was summer because I could spend the next day at Casey’s house without my parents nagging me about it being a school night.
“So, did he kiss you?” Casey asked after I’d been at her house for about an hour now. I was lying on her bed and she was sitting at her computer desk, checking her email. She was dressed down in sweat pants and a beater and she was wearing her thick rimmed glasses instead of her contacts, but I thought she looked gorgeous.
“Yeah, he seemed to like it, too.”
“Of course he did; you’re a fantastic kisser.” She said this nonchalantly, not even turning to look at me.
“Hey, Case?”
“Yeah?” she answered, distractedly.
“What happens when he tries to go further?” This got her attention because she twirled her computer chair around to look at me.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to Spence.” She said in such a dead serious tone,
“No, I know… but I don’t know how too…”
“Oh! That’s just as easy.” She said smiling again.
“Will you, uhm, show me?” I asked, a blush covering my face,
“Are you sure?” She asked, already standing up to walk towards me. I nodded and she mirrored this gesture before climbing onto the bed with me.
“Sit up, like on your knees.” I did as she said and she came to kneel in front of me as well so that our positions matched each others. There wasn’t much distance in between us, but Casey closed the gap in between us by pulling me closer.
“Okay, I’m dead serious Spencer; if you become uncomfortable I want you to push me away, okay?”
“I will.” She nodded and brought her hands up to cup my face before puling me into a kiss. I immediately kissed her back, letting my hands rest on her waist.
This kiss was a little it more demanding than our others, but I wasn’t complaining. After a few minutes of just kissing, pulling away only to breathe, I felt her tongue running along my bottom lip gently. I did as my body called for and opened my mouth just a bit, letting her tongue into my mouth. Ashley groaned slightly and I felt as if a shockwave of pleasure had bombarded my body when her tongue started to explore my mouth. I kissed her back, sucking on her tongue slightly and making her moan again. I found that I loved the sounds she made. Every one of them was just adding to my arousal.
“Okay,” she said, pulling away to breathe.
“Wow.” I chuckled as she caught her breath before leaning towards me again,
“I want you to do that now.” I nodded in understanding.
“Don’t think about it, just do what you think feels right.” Her lips were on mine again before I could respond. We just kissed for about am minute before I finally got my nerve up and ran my tongue shakily along her bottom lip. She instantly allowed me access and I shut my brain off as I let my tongue explore. She sighed but it sounded pleased instead of frustrated, so I figured that I was doing something right. My hands took a life of their own and trailed up her sides, rubbing over her rib cage gently and making her shudder into my lips.
Her tongue came to life to duel with mine and I felt my clit jump to attention as she suddenly pushed me backwards and onto my back before covering my body with hers. She pulled away to breathe and I dove in, kissing at her jaw and moving down to kiss her neck and she moaned again, moving her neck to a better angle so that more of her skin was exposed to my wandering mouth.
“Jesus you’re good at this,” she said breathily as I licked over her pulse point. I reached up and pulled her glasses off her face before setting them on the bedside table next to us; making her smile in appreciation. She moved so that she could kiss me again but I wasn’t complaining because at this point she could have done whatever she wanted I would’ve happily gone along with it. We pretty much did nothing but make out until Myah came back to the apartment two hours later. My lips were bruised but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Making out with Chris was disgusting. He wasn’t gentle and he basically tired to shove his tongue down my throat. His hands on my body made me want to vomit and the whole time I was just thinking about how I wished that it was Casey kissing me. I waved goodbye to a happy Chris as I walked into my house, surprised when I found Casey sitting on my couch,
“Hey! Your dad said I could wait for you to get back.” She said, standing up with that nose-crinkling smile that made me want to melt.
“Have you been waiting long?” I asked as she engulfed me in a hug. My night just got about ten thousand times better.
“No, only a few minutes. I had Myah drop me off. I was kind of hoping that I could spend the night?” I nodded eagerly, a huge smile coming on my face. Ever since these ‘kissing lessons’ had started, pretty much every time that Casey and I were alone together we ended up making out. It was a great system really. I got my best friend and her amazing kissing skills! This had been going on for nearly two weeks but neither of us really talked about it; just referred to it as ‘practice’.
“Yeah, did you bring anything to sleep in?” She looked sheepish as she shook her head ‘no’.
“You can just borrow some of mine.” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up the stairs. She followed eagerly and I could pretty much tell what was on her mind as we crossed the threshold of my bedroom. I shut and locked the door as she crossed the room to go through my dresser. She pulled out a pair of boxers and a white beater before starting to strip. I leaned against the door and watched, entranced. Casey was a fucking goddess. I bit my lip as she pulled her jeans down to reveal her lacy black underwear for just a second before she pulled the boxers up her legs. Next her shirt came off, revealing her matching bra before it too was covered by the tight beater. Once she was dressed she ignored the fact that I was staring at her and crawled onto my bed, laying down but leaning up on her elbows so that she could see me. I took this to mean that it was my turn and I got off of the door and made my way to the dresser; picking out the same outfit that she had.
We had been doing this to each other for the last week or so; finding any excuse to change in front of the other so that we could tease; but mostly so that we could see each other in as little as possible without making a big deal out of it.
I joined her on the bed and talked a little bit about our days; leaving out my date. There was now an unspoken rule that we didn’t talk about Chris. It ruined the mood and who really cared about him anyway? I was usually the one who initiated the ‘practice’ but I was determined tonight to make sure that she caved first. I could tell that she wanted it just as badly as I did so I waited, teasing her as much as possible. I saw her bite her bottom lip as my beater rose up just a bit to reveal two inches of my flat stomach and I knew that I had won.
“Hey, how are you doing with the whole kissing thing lately?” She asked, not meeting my eye. I grinned triumphantly but tried to hide it as I scooted just a bit closer to her.
“I don’t really know; I just feel like making out is getting to the point where it isn’t enough, you know? Maybe touching should be involved or something.” Casey swallowed and nodded,
“I can help you with that you know?” She said, finally looking up to meet my eyes with a small smile,
“Really?” She nodded eagerly and moved closer to me. Her lips were on mine in an instant and I greedily accepted her kiss, moving so that she was basically on top of me. Her hand came out to rest on my stomach and I moved my hands to rest on her shoulders. After a few minutes, her hand started inching its way up and after a moment’s hesitation her hand was covering my breasts. I made a small grunt and arched my chest up into her hand. She chuckled lightly as she started to lightly squeeze my breasts, making me moan completely.
“God that feels amazing.” I whispered when she pulled away and started laying kisses on my neck. Suddenly, she was completely away from me and my eyes opened to find her sitting at the end of the bed; staring at me with desperation.
“Case? What’s wrong?” I asked, sitting up and pushing my arousal away as I crawled towards her.
“I can’t do it Spence. I just can’t.”
“What can’t you do?” I asked, completely confused as she buried her head in her hands. I could tell that she was crying at this point and I felt my heart start to break.
“I can’t teach you how to do all this just to have you run and use it on him. It’s killing me.” I suddenly realized what was going on and I leaned forward to press a kiss on her temple.
“I don’t want Chris, Casey. I’ve only used him as an excuse to get this far with you…” I whispered to her calmly. She looked up at me, hope shining in her eyes,
“Are you serious?” I nodded, bringing my hand to push her bangs out of her eyes.
“Oh my god, I’m going to kill you for this.” She laughed breathlessly as she grabbed my face, pulling me into a kiss. There was so much love and passion in it that I could’ve cried too.
“I love you…I have loved you…And, you don’t have to say it back because I know were not even really together but-”
“Oh shut up,” I laughed in her lips, “I love you too.” I laughed, cutting her off as I leaned up to kiss her again. I could feel her smile against my lips as I pulled back and pulled her down on top of me again. Her hands took up their positions on my breasts again; with renewed vigor. I moaned deeply into her mouth, pushing my hands into her hair as her hands trailed back down my stomach and stopped at the hem of the beater. We pulled away only long enough to get the cloth off of me and to pull hers off as well before our lips were back at each other.

Casey and Spencer:


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Comment by Angela Corelli on October 10, 2009 at 4:07pm
Wow! where should I start...? First, I read every word, I loved it!! and it really moved me. You're very talented as a writer. When you write another story, or turn this one into a short story, (or a novel?), please let me know... because I'd love to read more of your work! (my dad wrote for newspapers and he wrote several history books, I have a few short stories packed away somewhere myself...).
have fun, Angela
Comment by Angel on September 24, 2009 at 1:20pm
Hey that was pretty good
Comment by KAREN KITTOF on September 21, 2009 at 2:14pm
that cuold be u and me!


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