Some beliefs and thoughts I live by…

-To truly understand integrity, is not to change the world around you, but to know you are doing right even if the world stumbles around you.

-Clichés only become so because they are worth repeating for their easy truth.

-Worthy and memorable moments in our lives do not come about because they are planned, they will be moments of opportunities which need to be embraced when they arise.

-I look to those who fight for the rights of criminals, and ask what right they have to forget the misery of the victims.

-The drive to enter the political arena is the unwavering desire to improve and make a difference in people's lives. The skill needed to be successful and remain there is simply forgetting what got you into politics in the first place.

-Too often we spend time trying to make other people accept us. When to fight for acceptance is to be less deserving of it. When you conform to be accepted, is it truly you that is accepted in the end?

-People continue through an immature and self motivated existence until they become crushed and daunted by a moment which tests their maturity. For rivers do not change their direction until faced with overwhelming obstructions.

I have come to a road which brings little more than troubled introspection of the way the world has become. Watching, waiting and learning for the truth to be found by just one more soul. I have belittled myself to read the thoughts of great men and women from past times - with their hopes motivating and fruitful. Yet while hopes can be given by such philosophies I am forced to regain the world of self gratification.

Yet how can a woman, simply one which the hands of time have imprisoned into modern society, find another old soul which appreciates all things. Relationships, commitment, and dedication are not words which should strike fear in you mind. To stand up and be counted for your deeds and manner of carrying yourself should not be restricted to religious beliefs or customs. It should be warranted by simply knowing those who treat others respectfully are the only souls worthy of respect themselves.

I have spent many years witnessing people. Watching their actions and defining their motives. Sadly it is far easier done than one would believe.

I had a friend. He enjoyed his lifestyle immensely. Partying and living each day looking for a new conquest. In the core of his soul he was a good man but spent his time frightened by commitment. Yet he could not define faithfulness even with the help of a dictionary.

In a conversation I asked him if he would ever change? Could he ever settle down and look for a true and meaningful commitment. His reply was "When I find a good person, one who shows me she worthwhile I will. I just have yet to find her."

I remember my reply. It did not take me much thought. I simply looked at him and said "No person can expect to find a good person in others, until they have found a good person inside themselves."

I could see his pain in my reply, yet not from such harsh words but because he could not understand. It was a pain of confusion.

I need to travel my road alone, spending my life in solitude. Not because I do not have concern for others but due to the fact I have found too much concern for them. Just to be simply released from modern motives. For I fear my life without another old soul would damage my already burdened heart.

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Comment by Angie on February 28, 2016 at 7:52pm

Comment by Tiffany Amber Walters on October 7, 2010 at 9:50am
You are quite welcome Elly! =]


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Some beliefs and thoughts I live by…

-To truly understand integrity, is not to change the world around you, but to know you are doing right even if the world stumbles around you.


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