Stuck In a Moment

By Kendall Rae

Crissy plopped down on the far side of her bed. She sighed and looked at her phone one last time. Conner, a guy that Crissy’s friend is trying to hook her up with, is a stage five clinger and the two aren’t even dating yet, just kissing a touching…And such,

“This is the last time I let one of my friends hook me up with some dude she couldn’t hook up with.” Crissy sighed with a little smile. Kate giggled,

“No it’s not. You know its not going to be the last. I’ll be hearing it in another month, ‘Oh Kate, I swear I’m not letting her hook me up with some dude she couldn’t hook up with,’ blah, blah, blah. I bet we’ll end up having this same exact conversation one month from now.” Truthfully, Kate was jealous of stage five clinger. Kate wished that she could be the one to kiss and hold Crissy when they were together. It kinda hurt her inside to hear her talk about this guy like this. She puts up a façade, basically. She says she can’t stand how he acts, yet she goes to his house and hangs out with him and kisses him. Kate didn’t understand. Maybe Crissy is falling in like with this guy, but Kate didn’t want to think of that. Not at all.

“Oh whatever you butt head.” Crissy laughed. Kate leaned against the headboard on the other side of the bed. Crissy made a face at their distance.

“What’s that look for?”

“You’re too far away.” Crissy said as casually as possible. Crissy knew why she was so far. They both know that they like each other, a hell of a lot actually, but they haven’t done anything progressive about their feelings because of Kate’s girlfriend, Britney. Whenever Kate is with Crissy though, Britney is completely out of mind, without a doubt. Kate isn’t one to do this though, fall for someone else while in a relationship with someone. It’s scaring her and confusing the hell out of her, but when she’s with Crissy, all that fear and confusion goes away. Kate doesn’t fall for people as easily as she did Crissy, which scares her even more.

Kate met Crissy’s eyes nervously, but only for a brief second. Crissy saw her inability to keep eye contact with her,

“Why won’t you look at me?” Crissy asked in a lower sad tone.

“You make me…” Kate mumbled the last part so Crissy couldn’t hear.

“I make you what?”

“Nervous.” Kate admitted. Crissy grinned a bit. She already knew that too, but Crissy found it so cute when Kate blushed and admitted to something like this. It makes Crissy smile and want her even more.

“Really now?” Crissy smiled seductively. She liked to play around with the nerves. It made her heart race and she knows that it makes Kate’s pulse rush to incredible speeds. Crissy crawled over to Kate and placed her hand on one of her knees. Kate watched Crissy carefully. Her heart pounded when Crissy touched her or even made eye contact. Kate never gets nervous around girls. Crissy on the other hand has no clue what she is doing. She’s just going off on a whim and taking a guess at things. Kate made her heart do little flips and the butterflies inside go on a fucking rampage. Crissy’s never felt like this before,

“Really, really nervous.” Kate said with a small choke as Crissy got closer to her.

“Does this make you nervous?” Crissy whispered in Kate’s ear. She was fully over Kate with one hand on her knee and the other caressing her collar bone which sent chills all throughout Kate’s body.

“Oh man…” Kate whined. Crissy pulled away from Kate and looked at her confused,

“What?” Kate’s eyes looked up quickly when Crissy pulled away,

“Nothing.” She answered a little bit too quickly. Crissy smiled,

“What’s the ‘oh man’ for?” she laughed lightly.

“Nothing, nothing.” Kate answered quickly. Crissy groaned and started to lean backwards, but Kate caught her by the belt and pulled her back towards her. Crissy, caught off guard from the pull, fell forward. The two were barely an inch apart from each other’s faces. Crissy’s arms guarded Kate from the outside world. Neither of them made eye contact. Kate opened her mouth first and whispered,

“I want to sweep you up off your feet, take you to a whole new world where the stars shine as bright as your smile and stay there with you, and only you, and kiss all your fears away…” Crissy smiled and with her smile resulted in a blush. She didn’t know what to say at all. All she could do was sit there and smile and blush like a little girl crushing on some little boy. Her mind skittered about like crazy.

She couldn’t think of what to say or do, so she resulted back to the nerves. Crissy put her hand behind Kate’s head and drew her fingers through her hair, sending butterflies into Kate’s stomach. Crissy dragged her nails softly down Kate’s neck, tickling her just a bit.

“Geez…” Kate whispered. Crissy ignored her comment, but still smiled. A thought came across Crissy’s mind. Kate has a girlfriend that she is in love with, yet here they are on top of one another making each other feel such excitement; making each other feel love for the first time all over again. What is it with Crissy that makes Kate feel like this? Kate found the one girl she could see herself with for a very long time. She found the one that she could start a whole new life with. She’s found the one; or so she thought. Then Crissy came along and it’s a whole new feeling inside of her. Everything felt so new and exciting; it’s so thrilling. Every time she was around Crissy, her heart stopped and she felt so new to the experience of loving someone. She felt like such a little girl who has her first crush.

“Am I making you nervous?” Crissy asked seductively.

“You’re doing a hell of a lot more than just that…” Kate answered with her eyes closed. Crissy smiled. She remembered something that she saw off a movie she watched the other day.

She carefully opened her mouth just enough so her teeth barely dragged against Kate’s chin. Kate had officially had it. Kate’s whole body just froze up and her heart started racing even more than it already was. Crissy made her way to Kate’s neck, barely brushing against her skin, but just enough to send chills racing throughout her body. Kate’s mouth parted open as if she was going to say something, but no words came out, so she just shut her mouth and enjoyed the little pleasure that drove her insane. Kate’s breath picked up incredibly, so she slowed it down. This made Crissy laugh,

“What are you doing?” Crissy asked. She pulled away from her neck to look her in the eyes. This was the first time all day they made eye contact,

“Trying to…Breath.”

“Uh, breathing shouldn’t be too hard to do…I’m pretty sure you’ve been doing it for a while now.” Crissy said sarcastically. Kate giggled and stroked Crissy’s cheek. Crissy leaned into her soft caress.

“You make me want you so bad. I don’t understand how you make me feel like this…”

“Like what?” Crissy asked in such a soft voice. She put her hand on top of Kate’s and kissed it lightly.

“God…Where do I begin?” Kate’s head fell back as she tried to think. Crissy smiled. She was quite excited for the answer. Crissy leaned back and started to slip away from Kate, but Kate grabbed her wrist and pulled her back,

“’Ey! Where do you think you’re going?” Kate smiled,

“Nowhere,” Crissy laughed. She couldn’t think of anything else to say, “Uhm…You didn’t answer yet.” Crissy smiled.

“Crissy, you make me nervous. I don’t get nervous around girls. I like them, I like to please them. It’s crazy you make me feel like that.” Crissy started to blush, “When we make eye contact you give me major butterflies. When you do the simplest things like look my way you send my heart on a race...Oh man, when you bite your lip…” Kate bit her lip and looked down at Crissy’s hand that was intertwined with hers, “You take me to a whole other world whenever I’m with you. I love getting away with you.” Kate finally looked up at Crissy’s cherry red face and smiled shyly. Neither of them said anything for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally, Crissy responded,

“Good to know I’m not the only one here with feelings that can be described as overly dramatic.” They both laughed.

“Oh whatever you punk.” Kate said quietly with a little giggle. Before anything else could be said or done, Kate leaned up slightly and kissed Crissy on her lips. Crissy was slightly taken back by the action, so she didn’t move for a second. After she got over the thought of Kate kissing her, she finally kissed back.

They started out slow, moving their lips cautiously with the each others. Their hands glided along each others bodies, caressing each and every spot that sent even more chills through their bodies. They fell closer to each other as the kissing increased.

Kate pushed forward, making the two sit up horizontally. Kate pushed Crissy’s zip up hoodie off her shoulders like a professional and kissed her bare shoulders. Crissy tried pushing Kate back down into the bed, but Kate ended up pushing her down instead. Kate nipped Crissy’s neck and giggled. Kate looked at Crissy’s eyes and smiled. Kate leaned down and kissed Crissy passionately with so much yearning and care in the kiss. The night took them away from that moment right there. They were caught in midnight’s most pleasurable sins.

Oh how they both wished they had another time, another place to fall in love with each other. Another time would have been so much more convenient than this moment right now, due to Kate’s girlfriend. It’s tragic to see two people so in love with each other have such a brick wall blocking them from being with each other.

Romeo and Juliet has nothing on them, they didn’t even feel a love as strong as this. Both of them have thought about the day when Britney finds out, and neither of them want it to happen, they don’t want her to get hurt, but then again, neither of them want to let go of each other, mentally and or physically. There is definitely something real between the two. Their hearts are continuously tripping and being reckless and clumsy with each other.

All the feelings they have for each other should have happened another time, but everything they have for each other is stuck in the moment, this moment right here, and there’s nothing either of them can do to control it. Like Adam and Eve, their tragedy is a destiny. Who knows, maybe a tragedy has to happen in order for destiny to come together, for their destiny, for their hearts, to come together.

Kate had officially cheated on Britney that night. That thought didn’t even cross her mind as she committed an unacceptable act. It all felt so right that she just forgot about the whole entire world. The world only consisted of Crissy and she wanted to give Crissy the world and love her forever. Everything and everyone else was out of sight, out of mind. :)

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