Walking down the small alley to their cars the air was still and the night dark
Samantha slightly tipsy but fully alert
Bella feeling liberated and naughty
The night breathing its intoxicating breathe on their skin and danced on their minds
Grabbing Stella's hand, Bella pulled her closer, closing the small gap between their bodies
Bella could feel Samantha’s breathe blow gently on her lips with her small intake of breath in surprise as they gazed intensely into each others eyes
The look purely primal
This random woman, this woman that she had just met tonight, this woman would only ever be known as Samantha had such sexual control over her
Even through her clothes Bella could feel Samantha’s perfect body
Her perky breast
The curves of her hips wanting to be touched
Her belly waiting to have a tongue slide down to her sex
The need to touch, just touch…
Throwing her against the wall Bella grabs her face and takes possession
Hands touching the smooth skin of her cheeks and the slope of her neck…
Tonight Samantha was hers
Every curve, every moan, every arch of her back and deep breath she took was hers for the taking.
Samantha moaned in ecstasy
Needing to be closer and feel skin to skin contact
Without pause Samantha's shirt was ripped and her beautiful breast revealed
With urgency her swollen nipple was taken in and suckled like the sweet nectar it was
Her surprised intake of breathe brought the automatic arch of her back only encouraged further exploration
Pulling her shirt slowly over her head while caressing the beautiful curves of her body only revealing more and more of the powerful poison that was Samantha
Without missing a beat their mouths were connected again, ravenous and instinctual tongues sliding in and out, in and out
The need for more, powerful, but exhilarating
Holding her face trying to bring her in deeper, their bodies again clinging to one another
The need for clothes evaporating
Every minute or was it seconds… pass and Samantha stood in the nude
Nude in the dark and deserted alley only shadowed but the light of the street lamp ahead of them
All inhibitions gone, all alone to have each other
Taking a step back to appreciate Samantha's body,
Her curves,
The small pouch of her stomach,
Her beautiful breast,
The indentation of her hips
The slope to her sex all beckoning to be touched, tasted, devoured
Gliding a fingertip down her torso taking excruciating time to touch every hill and valley of her body
Samantha could only shiver from the anticipation
Samantha moaned as Bella hit every inch of her body
Her head goes back and her eyes roll in rapture
Closing the gap again tongues fly wildly
So much need to get more but always just out of reach
This ride a whirl wind,
But exhilarating
Moans fly the air eats them like sponge cake
The moonlight silhouettes their bodies and transports them
The music pounding in their ears drowns the world out but the air is perfectly silent except for their moans
They have entered their own oblivion, nothing around them exist anymore but the need…this uncontrollable need
Sliding her hands down Samantha’s hips over her thigh gliding it up to Bella’s side brought Bella that much closer
Pelvis to pelvis
Pushing up against Samantha she could feel the indentation of her pelvic bone
She could feel the heat radiate from her sex and could almost taste is wetness
Slowly easing her other hand Bella glided her hand from the curve of Samantha’s hip to her sex
Just as she suspected
Wet, very wet
Easing a finger in to find her clit she gently circled around the tip
Samantha’s quick intake of breathe let her know she was just about to hit the spot
Adding a little pressure each swirl Samantha now moaning uncontrollable
Bella eats her moans with a deep languid kiss that gets deeper and deeper with each stoke of her fingers
Samantha now grasping Bella’s hair with forceful strength and gyrating her hips with each finger stroke is on the verge of climaxing
Abruptly before Samantha could realize Bella stops her strokes and starts kissing her neck,
Her collar bone,
The valley between her breasts
The small hill of her stomach
Till finally she reaches the promise land
Sinking down on her knees lifting Samantha’s leg over her shoulder, she reaches her heat
Her wet bliss
Gently opening the walls of her treasure she sees that Samantha is ready and waiting for more.
Samantha looks down at Bella with pleading eyes
Bella looks up with nothing but mischief and a slight smirk
Samantha was ready but Bella still wanted to play
Without waiting Bella takes the tip of her tongue quickly teases Samantha’s swollen clit.
A small taste here,
A small taste there
Slowly taking a finger and teasing her deep hot cavity she eases it in
At first very slow
One stroke
Then with more force
Samantha screams “ohhhhh, ahhhhh, oh my godddddd”
Samantha taking her hand to Bella’s head begins to force it further and further, deeper and deeper into her
Bella still having her fun decides one finger was not good enough
Taking two she forces it in quick this time
Stoking in and out
In and out more and more quickly with each stoke
Bella looks up while stoking and see’s Samantha completely lost
Head back against the cold brick of the night
Eyes rolling
And the look of being totally taken
Bella couldn’t help but laugh and go in for the kill
Keeping up with the strokes
Bella takes her tongue and forcefully starts her quest to make Samantha hit the sky
Circling, eating, circling, sucking,
Her clit is standing on full alert and waiting to explode
Bella could feel it ready and waiting taking her tongue and applying more and more pressure
Circling, eating, circling, sucking
More and more Samantha pushed her face in till finally...
Samantha’s body goes completely ridged and the convulsions begin.
Keeping the pressure but pulling her fingers out Bella continues with her tongue strokes
Samantha screams
“oh my god I’m coming” “ohhhhh myyyyyy god…..ahhhhhh”
Samantha’s whole body jerking with climax
Samantha quickly grabs Bella’s head and pulls her from her knees and brings her in for a deep forceful kiss and holds her breast to breast
Pelvis to pelvis.
Bella deepening the kiss traces her hands along Samantha’s body getting her feel for her skin
Gliding her hand down her soft body
Bella feels like maybe, just maybe now it's her turn...

To be continued...

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Comment by Angie on December 16, 2009 at 11:29am
Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I love it. Thank you cant wait for more.

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